Cathi Ledet

Corporate Controller

Cathi Ledet has been with SUN Behavioral Health since 2013. Previously, she was a member of the leadership team at Ascend Health Corporation, which grew to a nine facility psychiatric provider. At Ascend, she served as Corporate Controller and Chief Financial Officer. She was on the team of the first hospital in the Ascend portfolio, University Behavioral Health of Denton, setting standards that were adopted companywide.

Prior to joining Ascend, Cathi started her healthcare career working in long-term acute care corporate offices and facilities, for companies such as Transitional Hospitals and Kindred. In 2000, Cathi became the Chief Financial Officer of Millwood Hospital, in Arlington TX. Her position at Millwood marked the beginning of her long-term career in the psychiatric hospital industry. Cathi has more than 20 years’ experience in healthcare, and continues to focus on ensuring that psychiatric patients of all ages are provided the best treatment available in the safest and most cost effective healthcare setting.

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