Types of Depression

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Depression, also commonly referred to as major depressive disorder or clinical depression, can disrupt someone’s life who is suffering from it. It is a common mood disorder affecting 22.84% of Kentucky’s population. Various types of depression can happen at different stages in life. But, for the most part, there are eight common types of depression…. continue reading »

Symptoms of Panic Disorder

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Do you ever get this feeling out of the blue that the world is crashing and burning around you? One moment you are alright, going about your day, and then the next your heart is pounding, you feel like you’re choking, your vision is starting to cloud, and the fear that you are going to… continue reading »

Symptoms of PTSD

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What Are the Symptoms of PTSD? Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night covered in sweat and breathing heavily after nightmares? Do you ever zone out and become overwhelmed with the thought of something from your past that haunts you to this day? Does a random sound, sight, or smell send… continue reading »

Teen Angst

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What Is Teen Angst? Where have our loving, adorable, doe-eyed babies gone? Suddenly they’re walking around in hoodies and hiding their faces. They’re walking around slouched over and constantly listening to loud, often depressing music. Anytime we want a response? A grunt or slight nod is all we get. What is happening? Is there something… continue reading »

Gaslighting: Burning Everyone in Their Path

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You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re overreacting. I didn’t say that! For years you’ve heard these things, and it’s felt wrong and made you doubt yourself, but you’ve never known what is truly happening. Did I really just imagine him saying that? Wait, am I confused and don’t actually know what I’m saying?… continue reading »

Catching Z’s Even With Anxiety

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Why exactly are we “catching Zs” and not some other letter? You might’ve said this phrase before, or at least heard or read it somewhere. It’s a pretty universal description and one reason why is that it’s related to something literally everyone has to do. We need sleep. It’s not just important—it’s vital. That might… continue reading »

Is PTSD a Disability

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A car flew past you and smashed into a tree. You were only a few feet away. The glass sprinkled on the pavement close enough to your shoes that you had to walk across it to getaway. Now, just thinking about getting into a car can make sweat break out on your forehead. You can… continue reading »