Bipolar Triggers: What to Watch Out For

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Bipolar disorder causes dramatic shifts in mood and behavior called “episodes.” People living with bipolar suffer from either manic episodes, depressive episodes, or both. It can lead to things like job loss, substance use, or lack of a fulfilling social life. Fortunately, many people who are diagnosed with bipolar learn how to manage the symptoms…. continue reading »

How Often Does ADHD Co-Occur With Bipolar Disorder

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It’s hard to live with one mental condition, let alone two. This is the case for 1 in 6 adults who are currently living with both bipolar disorder and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The symptoms for both of these disorders tend to overlap – they’re often misdiagnosed or confused for one another. Treating a patient for… continue reading »

Bipolar Relapse

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If any mental health condition could be categorized as a “roller coaster”, it would be bipolar disorder. Euphoric highs and crushing lows are a regular occurrence. People with bipolar don’t always know when they’ll have manic episodes, and because these episodes can be so destructive, they often fear their return. If you have bipolar, you… continue reading »

Bipolar And Alcohol

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In 2019, 12.1 adults in Texas experienced frequent mental distress. Around 6 percent of Texans report heavy drinking. Overlap between these two populations is an example of a co-occurring disorder.  A co-occurring disorder is when a person has two or more substance use or mental health disorders. Around 9.2 million people in the United States… continue reading »

Bipolar Affective Disorder

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Do you experience an intense shift between periods where you want to stay up late and seek thrilling experiences, followed by periods where getting out of bed and getting dressed are insurmountable tasks? If yes, you may be experiencing bipolar disorder. This condition is known for causing shifts in thinking patterns, behaviors, moods, and energy… continue reading »

Bipolar Rage

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When most people think of bipolar disorder, they think of mood swings. This characteristic presents in those with bipolar disorder, but there is more to the condition than changing mood. For example, some people who struggle with bipolar disorder experience an explosive rage significantly out of proportion to the situation. Maybe they feel the urge… continue reading »

Causes of Bipolar Disorder

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Feeling emotional highs and lows are a normal part of life. After all, good and bad things happen, and so it should be expected that our moods would change accordingly. That being said, people who struggle with bipolar disorder experience both intense and euphoric highs and crushing lows, often disproportionate to their circumstances, and in… continue reading »

Signs Of Bipolar Disorder In Children

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Bipolar disorder is a serious medical condition marked by unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, concentration, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks. If you have bipolar disorder or have a history of bipolar disorder in your family, you may be concerned that your child could have bipolar disorder. It can be extremely… continue reading »