What Causes ADHD? Possible Gene Link, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment for Children and Adolescents

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Parents, grandparents, and other caregivers often are the first to notice behaviors with the young boy or girl under their care that give them small pauses for concern. They may brush them off or be hesitant to fully recognize signs of attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). After all, aren’t children supposed to be full of energy… continue reading »

How to “Get Over” Depression In Six Steps

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Here’s the thing about depression: When you’re not in that state of mind, you are very well versed in all the right things to do. You have a clear mind and can look at things in your everyday life in a typically productive manner. Yesterday, when I started thinking about this, I found my thoughts… continue reading »

ECT Myths Debunked in Favor of Evidence as Effective

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Using electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) on the big screen of cinema to add to the audience’s horror or entertainment experience began with the 1948 Academy-award-winning The Snake Pit. With the element of trumpets signifying the treatment beginning, a cacophony effect was added to establish chaos. The reality of ECT being medically and carefully administered was not… continue reading »

Texas Veterans and PTSD/Suicide

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Helping Veterans Heal: PTSD ‘A Significant Public Health Problem’ “As a veteran myself who was once suicidal, I have lost way too many of my fellow veterans to suicide. The first one was one I deployed with. The second one was someone who I had worked with. The third one sent me on a tailspin;… continue reading »

Difference Between Psychiatrist and Psychologist

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Recognizing Need for Mental Health Treatment It starts by recognizing this. You need help. More specifically, professional mental help. You or someone you love are struggling with mental well-being, and it is now feeling like a crisis. In this state of mind, the snowfall of questions in your brain goes from a lazy flurry to… continue reading »

SUN Behavioral Houston : New Outpatient Location

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  You’re Invited! SUN Behavioral Houston’s New Outpatient Location Is Ready For You!  You are invited to the Open House for SUN Behavioral Houston Outpatient Program January 14, 2020  2:30 PM -7:30 PM  Please join us to visit with our clinical staff, enjoy refreshments, and maybe even win a raffle prize! RSVP by January 12, 2020  Click the Eventbrite… continue reading »

Can Anxiety Cause High Blood Pressure?

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You probably feel the onset of anxiety through a variety of physical symptoms. Your hands get sweaty and clammy, tension starts to build in your head, and then you feel a need to start breathing exercises to reduce your clenched chest. You might notice an extreme agitation building as well. You may even feel the… continue reading »

Signs of Suicide

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Important: If you or someone you know has shown any signs of suicide call 9-1-1 immediately. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 800-273-8255. Warning Signs of Suicide and Risk Factors: They Are There if You Know What to Look For If you do a Google search for “Is it okay to ask someone if they… continue reading »

Dating Someone With Anxiety

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A Relationship With General Anxiety Disorder Needs Communication, Support—Like All Strong Relationships—to Thrive In any relationship, people need to support each other and communicate well. There will always be challenges to face together; that is the keystone to any relationship. Serious health concerns, financial stress, family loss, child-rearing, job relocation, weight gain, extramarital affairs, fertility… continue reading »