WRDE: More Overdoses Happening in Delaware, but Help is Still Available

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GEORGETOWN, Del.- With a lot of public gatherings canceled, Delaware has seen a spike in overdoses and relapses, unfortunately this means many people are struggling with their battles of addiction.

But luckily for them, there are still places for them to seek help. One place people can reach out to is organizations like Sun Behavioral Delaware for help with addiction, mental health and much more. And they’re finding new ways by adding something new to their treatment services.

Erin Willis, the Director of Business Development said, “At this point we just really need people to know that they’re not alone and that we’re here to help them 24/7 still.”

Unfortunately for many, relapsing is happening more frequently these days. DHSS has on their website that this year 97 people have died from overdosing. Sun Behavioral Delaware wants people to know they are still open to help in many ways, both in person and online.

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