WBOC: SUN Behavioral Health Discusses Mental Health For Seniors

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WBOC 16, March 18, 2019 — Health advocates and locals met in Georgetown today to discuss what all can be done for those battling mental issues in Sussex County.

Among the communities discussed were senior citizens. Some say there is a growing need to be addressed involving some and their battle with mental illness and substance use.

Places like SUN Behavioral Health has a program that specifically targets the geriatric community facing these issues.

This is in addition to separate programs that help adolescents and other adults as well.

The Sussex County Advisory Committee on Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities spearheaded the meeting today held in Georgetown. Erin E. Willis of SUN Behavioral Health Delaware explained their facility is helping to provide people the assistance they need.

“Every day we’re getting at least ten admissions if not more. We’re slowly and steadily growing,” Willis said.

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