Special Event – October 3, 2022 – Evan Speaks

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Hear from Evan, a young man in recovery from a serious mental health issue. Evan, a Minding Your Mind motivational speaker, focuses on functional health care for mental health recovery. By sharing his story, Evan hopes to spark the “ah-hah” moment for others who are suffering, inspiring them to speak up and ask for help…. continue reading »

How To Reduce Cravings For Alcohol

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Whether you’re looking to quit drinking or you’re just looking to cut back, alcohol cravings are a major inconvenience. Sometimes they’re physical – you can feel them in your body. Other times they’re mental – you can’t seem to think about anything else. For many who have been drinking for a prolonged period, walking away… continue reading »

How To Stop Shaking From Anxiety

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If you’re experiencing physical symptoms with your anxiety, you’re not alone. According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness, 149,000 people in Delaware also struggle with their mental health. Many of these people are also suffering from anxiety’s physical symptoms. The good news? Things like anxiety tremors can be managed. At Sun Behavioral Delaware, we… continue reading »

Chest Pain From Anxiety

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Chest pain is always scary. The first thing someone experiencing chest pain usually thinks is “heart attack.” It’s understandable to feel afraid of chest pain, but more often than not, it’s nothing to be seriously concerned about. Yes, there are times when you might need medical care when you’re experiencing chest pain. But if you… continue reading »

How to Explain Anxiety To Someone

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Explaining your anxiety to someone who’s never struggled with it can be exhausting. It’s complicated, emotional, and frustrating at times. It can leave you feeling vulnerable and misunderstood if you can’t get the words out right. You may even feel guilty, or like you don’t want to burden anyone with your problems. As overwhelming as… continue reading »

Common Anxiety Triggers

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If you’re living with anxiety, you know how unpredictable it can be. There are days when fear feels overwhelming and completely unmanageable. There might also be days when you feel completely fine. Do you ever wonder why you can feel fine one second and overwhelmingly fearful the next? There is a simple explanation for the… continue reading »

July 2022 CE – Ethics: Is it Professional or Personal? Hosted by Arlene Wood, LPCMH, LCPC

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 We responded to popular demand for an Ethics presentation in 2022. Our Director of Outpatient Services, Arlene Wood, LPCMH, LCPC, assembled a thought-provoking presentation and walked us through the Ethical Decision-Making Model, and also shared a hair-raising Dr. Phil interview that left us all asking a lot of questions. “Ethics: Is it Professional or… continue reading »

June 2022 CE – Restorative Sleep with Freddy Allen and Jennifer Boileau

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 Watch the most calming and comforting CE we’ve ever hosted! Freddy and Jennifer worked together on this presentation to help participants understand how sound can be used to promote healthy sleep. Freddy brings his experience as a veteran with issues getting to sleep, and his experience with Jennifer’s practice. In this video, Jennifer leads… continue reading »

Why is Anxiety Worse at Night

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The sun is down, the stars are out, and you are ready for a good night’s rest. However, You are not met with sweet dreams when your head hits the pillow. Instead, you find your mind racing, your heart pounding, and suddenly you realize that you’re feeling anxious even though you’ve been fine all day…. continue reading »

How Does Alcohol Affect The Brain

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Have you ever woken up after a night of heavy alcohol use and had trouble remembering the events of the evening? Many people have had this experience at some point in their lives. This is evidence that alcohol use affects a person’s brain. Along with memory function, alcohol use interferes with the parts of the… continue reading »