Nation’s Largest Pharmacy Management Organization Honors Sun Behavioral Delaware With CPS Best Practices Award

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Sun Behavioral Delaware Pharmacy Team Honored By Comprehensive Pharmacy Services

Memphis, TN: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services, LLC (CPS) is the nation’s largest provider of outsourced pharmacy management services. The organization, comprised of 2,500+ employees who serve 800+ healthcare facilities nationwide, announced during their Annual Meeting on June 2, 2020, that their team at SUN Behavioral Delaware has received their CPS Best Practices Award.

The CPS Best Practices Award honors a CPS site team that is recognized by their leaders and peers for serving both their company and community. The SUN Behavioral Delaware Pharmacy team was recognized by CPS for their excellence and servitude in alignment with the spirit of the award. More specifically, they were recognized because of how they benefited their organization through their skill and expertise – as well as their dedication in serving caregivers, patients, and staff.

The CPS Best Practices Award is given to hospitals and health systems which meet criteria set forth by CPS Leadership that advances pharmacy practice while providing the utmost in quality patient care.

CPS is proud of each of their award recipients. For more information, reach out to