Cape Gazette: Heroin raids, alcohol detox keeping SUN Behavioral busy

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Cape Gazette, May 31, 2019 — When police arrested 16 people recently in a wide-sweeping drug bust in Sussex County and Maryland’s Worcester County, they took more than 800 grams of raw heroin off the streets. Estimated value: $1 million.

The drug ring was nothing if not bold. One of the apartments where arrests were made and heroin seized was in the Savannah East complex on Kings Highway outside Lewes, barely more than a stone’s throw from Delaware State Police Troop 7 on Route 1.

In addition to taking heroin off the street, it’s believed the raids also sent many users to SUN Behavioral’s psychiatric hospital in Georgetown.

“We were at capacity over Memorial Day weekend,” said Erin Willis, SUN Behavioral director of business development. “I think the drug bust pushed a lot of people into our detox programs. Their supply had been hit; they were in withdrawal and they came to us to get medication. Of course we don’t just give them drugs, and it’s not up to them to dictate to our doctors what drugs they should be given. How they should be treated is up to our doctors to decide.”

While problems associated with heroin addiction were front and center over the holiday and are constantly in the news, Willis said during SUN Behavioral’s first eight months of operation in Sussex, a less-discussed problem has surprised officials there. “We’re actually seeing more alcohol detox issues here than opiate detox. We’re not sure why. Maybe people are coming here from other parts of the state to get farther away and not be seen.”

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