Delaware Business Magazine: SUN Behavioral Delaware: You are Not Alone

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Solving Unmet Needs. This is more than what SUN stands for. This embodies the company’s mission. SUN Behavioral is a 90-bed inpatient behavioral health hospital that specializes in crisis stabilization for mental health and substance use disorders for individuals ages 12 and older. The company was founded in 2013 by Steve Page along with a group of private investors. SUN Behavioral has locations in Delaware, Ohio, Kentucky and Texas.

SUN Behavioral offers a variety of services, which include adolescent inpatient unit, adult co-occurring unit, adult mental health unit, geriatric unit and adult severe persistent mental illness unit. Additionally, SUN offers outpatient services for adults suffering with mental health and substance use disorders.

SUN supports the community through establishing and operating healthcare organizations that create a positive impact on society. Through their exceptional staff and the finest facilities, SUN provides personalized treatment along with deep respect and compassion for patients and their families.

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