How to Explain Anxiety To Someone

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Explaining your anxiety to someone who’s never struggled with it can be exhausting. It’s complicated, emotional, and frustrating at times. It can leave you feeling vulnerable and misunderstood if you can’t get the words out right. You may even feel guilty, or like you don’t want to burden anyone with your problems. As overwhelming as… continue reading »

Why is Anxiety Worse at Night

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The sun is down, the stars are out, and you are ready for a good night’s rest. However, You are not met with sweet dreams when your head hits the pillow. Instead, you find your mind racing, your heart pounding, and suddenly you realize that you’re feeling anxious even though you’ve been fine all day…. continue reading »

How Does Alcohol Affect The Brain

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Have you ever woken up after a night of heavy alcohol use and had trouble remembering the events of the evening? Many people have had this experience at some point in their lives. This is evidence that alcohol use affects a person’s brain. Along with memory function, alcohol use interferes with the parts of the… continue reading »

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

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Did you know that there’s a difference between experiencing anxiety and having an anxiety disorder? Anxiety is a normal emotion that we’re supposed to feel. It’s that “fight or flight” response that warns us when something is wrong or when we’re in danger. There’s nothing wrong with anxiety. In fact, it’s healthy. Without it, human… continue reading »

Morning Anxiety

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Have you ever woken up in the morning with a sense of dread about the upcoming events of the day? Maybe you have noticed a pattern where one of the most difficult things for you to do is to start your day because you are weighed down by worry. Do you often just want to… continue reading »

SUN Behavioral Welcome Series Video 4 Available on YouTube: Your Daily Schedule

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When you’re inpatient at SUN Behavioral Delaware, what does your daily schedule look like? How will your days structured? What does “actively participating” in your own treatment plan look like? These answers and more are provided in this video. Video 4: Your Daily Schedule at SUN Thank you for choosing SUN Behavioral.  This video is… continue reading »

Nausea Caused By Anxiety

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Many individuals believe that anxiety is solely a psychological problem. However, this is far from the case, as anxiety can also result in physical symptoms. Anxiety is the body’s reaction to a stressful situation. The body develops a fight or flight response in response to environmental stimuli. It is defined as a physiological response to… continue reading »