What Are the Signs of Depression?

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You can’t remember exactly when it began, but you started feeling different somehow. You weren’t just sad. It’s not that you were crying all the time or complaining about how bad things seemed in life. Instead, there was just this weight and persistent emptiness inside of you. Things you used to be really passionate and… continue reading »

Understanding Postpartum Depression: You’re Not Alone

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It taunted me everywhere. On Facebook, on Instagram, everywhere I looked there were pictures of happy families. My friends smiling brightly in perfectly edited family portraits, posed effortlessly on a picnic blanket in the middle of a grassy field with their husbands and their newborns. Even when my friends weren’t posting about their fabulous family… continue reading »

Coronavirus: What You Need to Know from SUN Behavioral

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The coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to present unique and rapidly changing challenges. SUN remains committed to responding quickly and responsibly to the needs of its staff, patients and their loved ones. All Casual Visitation to the Hospital has been Suspended Family modes of communication with loved ones include extended tele-visitation times throughout the day and access… continue reading »

November 23 is International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

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Losing someone you love to suicide is a devastating, life-changing experience. But you are never alone. There is great comfort in community, especially during times when we struggle to find understanding and hope. That’s why the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention hosts hundreds of Survivor Day events around the world every year. Come together to… continue reading »

Introducing Our Adolescent Day Program

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A better future for teens starts today. Today, we’re proud to launch our new Adolescent Day Program for teens age 13-17. It’s an outpatient therapeutic day treatment designed to address emotional and behavioral issues, including anxiety, poor impulse control, depression, self-harm or thoughts of self-harm, and substance use. The program is available Monday thru Friday… continue reading »

Suicide Prevention Month

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Suicidal thoughts, like mental health issues, can affect anyone regardless of age, gender or background. The 10th leading cause of death in the U.S., suicide claimed more than 47,000 American lives in 2017, leaving behind thousands of friends and family members to navigate the loss. Often, those suicide loss survivors are left in the dark,… continue reading »

9/27 CEU: Clinical Supervision

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In partnership with Nemeth Counseling and Consultation, we invite you to attend our free Continuing Education Course on September 27. SPACE IS LIMITED. RSVP by Monday, September 23rd to eaustin@suncolumbus.com or by clicking here. THE PROGRAM This clinical supervision training will focus on the following concepts: Understanding the difference between supervision and therapy, understanding the… continue reading »