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SUN Behavioral Health Opens Aurora at SUN Columbus

Unit Designed to Support LGBTQIA+ Patients Through Treatment Journey

COLUMBUS, OH – December 3, 2018 – SUN Behavioral Health, a network of mental health facilities that works to solve the unmet needs of those struggling with mental illness and substance use disorders, today announced it will open its new Aurora unit at SUN Columbus on Dec. 10. Located at 900 E. Dublin Granville Road within the current SUN Columbus hospital, the Aurora unit will provide a safe, stigma and judgement-free program designed to treat Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual and Allied (LGBTQIA+) patients suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse and other maladaptive behaviors.

Aurora is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, addictionologists and pharmacists who work to address the patient’s individual situation, taking into consideration the unique needs of the LGBTQIA+ community. Aurora’s behavioral health staff has received culturally component training by Equitas Health Institute, which includes expertise in gender/sexual identity issues and working with transgender individuals. This training allows the staff at Aurora to provide patient-centered treatment plans and programming that are culturally competent.

“Nationwide, more than 43 million adults experience mental illness every year,” according to Dr. Mark Blair, Medical Director, SUN Behavioral Health Columbus. “In particular, LGBTQIA+ individuals are three times more likely to experience a mental health condition because of the stigma and discrimination they face.”

Aurora will offer state-of-the-art clinical services as it works with patients to develop aftercare plans unique to them.

“Columbus is an area that has long championed LGBTQIA+ rights,” mentioned Robert Kedelis, SUN Behavioral Health’s Vice President of Business Development. “We feel it’s appropriate that Aurora in SUN Columbus should be our beta facility. Our goal is to replicate this model in other SUN facilities.”

Download the full PDF here.

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